Let’s unleash your creativity

On the search for a relaxed activity in Brisbane?

Our workshops are more than just learning new skills, they are about connection and provide a space to unleash your creativity. Engage with fellow creatives (or creatives to be), as you exchange ideas, share stories and be inspired by different perspectives.

Whether you're seeking a new hobby, a chance to unwind and catch up with friends, or a way to explore your creative side, our workshops are designed with you in mind.

Surrounded by the colors, scents, and textures of nature, you'll find yourself inspired and ready to craft floral wonders. Additionally, we offer the convenience of mobile workshops—an ideal choice for brainstorming Hens Party ideas in Brisbane or organizing a memorable friend get-together event.

We want to hear from you

Please enquire in the below form and let us know your date, time, number of participants and which workshop would you like to have information on, our options are:

Natives Flowers Arrangement Workshop (Seasonal) - from $79 PP

Preserved Flowers Arrangements Workshop - from $99 PP

Terrarium Workshop- from $79 PP

Preserved Flowers Wreath Workshop - from $99 PP

Flower Crown Workshop - from $79 PP

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